Life Lesson 4- Coming out of the Closet

13 Oct

Like my fella dogs, one of my arch enemies is the Cat. Lets face it…they get all kind of privileges that aren’t available to us dogs. They get to jump on counters and windowsills, have their own toilet facilities inside, get fed fancy tinned food and get to sit on grandpa’s head. I am not allowed to do any of the above. Therefore it is my duty to level the playing field by chasing them. When i chase them and catch them my mom says “leave the poor cat alone” when the cat goes ninja on me and plants a claw in my nose mom says ” serves ya right bonehead.”  This is one of the many reasons why us dogs have made it a personal mission to destroy cats.

So now this is where i need to come clean….after much internal debate i have decided to allow a cat to be my friend. Don’t get me wrong my personal vendetta against cats is still on but Maggie the Cat is off-limits.

You see she isn’t just a regular cat..she’s much different…my grandpa says “her brain is still developing.” She is the type of cat who will chase me around the kitchen, sleep with me, rub up against me and play with some of my toys.  She is addicted to spinning around on the office chair at high speeds with my grandpa’s help but she just keeps going back for more. Nobody is perfect I suppose.

Tomorrow I am gonna teach Maggie how to be a dog.


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