Life Lesson # 7- Classifications of Dogs

18 Oct

Sales Associate

I hear many people talking about different types of dogs and I think they have it all wrong. They say things like “that’s one of those yappy dogs” or “eww careful that’s a bully type dog.”

Since I am a 7 month old boxer with a dogwood in puppy perception, I have it all figured it.

CEO/ Upper Management- These dogs act quite distinguished and demand a lot of respect. They often walk around in designer clothes and can be seen wearing boots. They may or may not give you the time of day at the dog beach.  Breeds that might fall into these categories include the chihuahua, french bulldogs, pugs etc. Everyone knows that a pug is always right and generally the ruler of a household or dog park.

Middle Management- These are the dogs that yearn to be in the upper management role but haven’t quite got the experience or know how. Easy to identify at the dog beach as they are the one licking the jowls of the CEO’s. They can sometimes be seen wearing bow ties and tripping over the CEO’s leashes. Breeds vary in this category.

Sales/ Business Development– These are the charmers of the dog world. The walk around with big smiles on their faces and a constant wiggle. A quick wink and you are puddy in the paws. They wear very little clothes because their personalities shine. They will allow others to play and will share a stick. Breeds might include retrievers, mixed breeds, most other dogs.

I am in the junior sales department. My sales strategy: flash my pearly white under-bite, amp up my wiggle 10 fold and then pounce…. humans could learn a little something from this technique.


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