Life Lesson # 9- Sometimes Alpha Dogs don’t have the Biggest Bite

21 Oct

The first day I came to my new home, my Dad sat me and Mom down to have a “serious” talk. He wanted to lay

Big Alpha and Benny

down the ground rules of the household.

  1. No dogs in the bed
  2. No table scraps
  3. No dogs on couches

Mom nodded and then turned to me and rolled her eyes (I winked back to acknowledge our secret communication.)  I did my very best for the next few hours to be the best dog I could for my new family.

Then Mom had to go out for a little while. Not five minutes pass and there is Dad calling me on to the couch. We watched hockey and shared dry cheerios until I heard Moms car pull into the driveway.  Dad said “Oh Crap” and proceeded to nudge me off the couch.  I looked up at him bewildered.

Next morning when Mom left for work early, Dad was still in bed. Not 5 minutes passed when I hear “Benny- Come Boy.” I nuzzled with Dad under the blanket and must have dozed off when I hear “BUSTED” from my Mom. She had forgotten something and came back to find me and Dad sleeping soundly in bed.

Now, Dad doesn’t have to hide his secret need for cuddling on the objects that I am banned from. We have made a deal- I will only go on furniture when asked ( or when I am confident I won’t get caught) and keep table scraps to minimum ( I will continue to look so forlorn that it will be impossible to resist me!)

Lesson Learned- sometimes the alpha dog doesn’t have the biggest bite.



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2 responses to “Life Lesson # 9- Sometimes Alpha Dogs don’t have the Biggest Bite

  1. Mel

    October 22, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    That’s what humans ALWAYS say when we bring a new dog home: no sleeping on our bed!

    When we brought Halladay home that lasted all of one week. One morning my boyfriend went to work and I decided that I HAD to snuggle with Halladay. We fell into a blissful slumber and then the same thing happened to me that happened to your dad – the other half came home because he forgot something. I tried nudging a sleepy Halladay off the bed but it was too late.

    Now we just have a bigger bed so we have room for the extra furry bodies :]

    • bennywrinklebottom

      October 27, 2011 at 5:09 pm

      Maybe you could convince my Mum and Dad to upgrade to a King size bed cause as a growing boy they are starting to cramp my style in bed.

      Many Licks to You,

      B. Wrinklebottom


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